General Motors Landfill-Free Facilities on the Rise

Global industries are in need of a little change to maintain some harmony with the world, and General Motors is taking big steps toward making production cleaner and safer for the environment.

A facility in Burton, Michigan has really made strides toward having a cleaner production line. This General Motors facility has earned the title of ‘landfill-free’. The Burton facility is one of 11 General Motors landfill-free facilities, though the number is on the rise.

Jim Deluca, the executive vice president of GM’s Global Manufacturing, said progress like this is all just a part of the culture of General Motors. GM is focused on continuous improvement worldwide. These steps toward change bring efficiency and resource conservation to sites, two aspects vital to the continuing survival in this industry.

By avoiding landfill use, facilities utilize the cost-effective process of recycling materials for production. When it comes down to it, recycling takes less energy and money than creating things from scratch. So, along with avoiding a build-up of refuse, GM’s saving money as well!

Nehls’ Chevrolet sees a lot more progress to come in General Motors’ ventures toward becoming cleaner, more efficient, and overall better producers. For more information on General Motors’ progressive facility innovations, check back with us every week!

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