Greenhouse Gases and Chevrolet Carbon Credits

Chevrolet carbon credits

Chevrolet is officially the first corporation to contribute to an initiative that pays farmers to stick with natural prairie production, as of Monday. The type of crop production the program discourages releases greenhouse gases that warm the planet.

Grasslands are filled with carbon dioxide, which is let out into the Earth’s atmosphere in enormous quantities when farmers till copious amounts of land.

The program allows private companies to buy carbon credits, and in return private landowners are awarded financially for agreeing not to till grasslands. Chevrolet has reportedly bought 39,000 metric tons of carbon credits from ranchers in North Dakota.

According to US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the Chevrolet carbon credits will make a huge difference to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere. “The amount of carbon dioxide removed from our atmosphere by Chevrolet’s purchase of carbon credits equals the amount that would be reduced by taking 5,000 cars off the road.”

Here at Nehls Chevrolet, we applaud Chevrolet’s decision to buy carbon credits from farmers, benefitting both the farmers and the environment.

First Restored Sinkhole Corvette “Blue Devil” Appears at SEMA

Remember, back in February, when eight precious Corvettes were swallowed by an unforgiving sinkhole that opened up inside the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky? While that natural disaster has brought visitors from around the globe to check out the gaping hole and the cars that fell in it, the museum and General Motors decided it was about time to repair the three Corvettes that are salvageable.

The first restored sinkhole Corvette, a 2009 Corvette ZR1 called the “Blue Devil,” made a surprise stop at the SEMA show in Vegas on its way home. The “Blue Devil” was the least damaged Corvette, and was lifted out of the sinkhole just weeks after the ground opened up, and has now been repaired to its former glory.

According to USA Today, damage consisted of cracked carbon-fiber ground effects, broken passenger-side rocker panel, damaged passenger front fender, and cracks in the windshield, both doors, and the oil lines leading to the engine. It took about six weeks to restore the classic car to its original condition.

“It was great to recover it, bring it back to Chevrolet, and begin the restoration of this significant Corvette,” said Jim Campbell, the US VP of performance vehicles and motorsports.

The other two Corvettes will be restored next year: the one millionth Corvette and a 1962 Corvette. The other five Corvettes, for the time being, will remain as they are, both a tourist attraction and a piece of history.

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Chevrolet Offers Excellent New Upgrades for Camaro SS Owners

2015 Chevy Camaro SS

If you own a car as performance-driven and powerful as the Camaro SS, you obviously want it to run as smoothly and hungrily as possible. Thankfully, Chevy knows its customers very well; the brand has revealed some great upgrades and accessories to spice up your Camaro with 1LE and Z/28 parts. These parts allow you to perform even great feats of wonder in your Camaro SS.

Mark Dickens, the director of Chevrolet performance, explained the appeal of the added parts in a press release. “The standard Camaro SS offers a great balance of style and performance, ideal for street driving. Adding components from the Camaro 1LE shifts the balance more toward performance–ideal for someone who wants to attend a few track days, or is getting into autocross,” said Dickens. “Adding targeted performance components from the Z/28, and more horsepower, creates a completely track-focused car–ideal for someone who wants to spend every weekend at high-performance-driving events, or even getting into amateur racing.”

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In New Chevy Ad, Mo’ne Davis Reads America an Open Letter

It wasn’t long ago when Mo’ne Davis shocked the world at the Little League World Series. The lanky, thirteen-year-old pitcher surprised everyone when she took to the mound and threw her 70 mile-per-hour fastball. Now, Davis is wowing the world again in a new Chevy ad, which shows that her on-field accomplishments are just as possible for millions of other girls—all they have to do is throw like a girl.

“Mo’ne truly embodies the spirit at the heart of baseball, and she has been a powerful inspiration to boys and girls everywhere,” said Paul Edwards, US vice president of Chevrolet marketing. “She has proven that anything is possible if you decide yourself, and are guided by the right values in life.”

The new 60-second television spot made its debut during Game One of the 2014 World Series on FOX. Along with this new Chevy ad, Mo’ne Davis is also featured in the brand’s 16-minute documentary, both of which were recorded and developed by Academy Award-nominated director Spike Lee.

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