Back to School Tips for Parents | Nehls Chevrolet | Marshall, TX

Back to School Tips for Parents

Back to School Tips for Parents | Nehls Chevrolet | Marshall, TXAs summer is winding down, it’s time to start preparing for the new school year. These back to school tips from Nehls Chevrolet will help you and your kids stay on top of things from the first to the last day of school.

Adjust Your Routine

Rather than waiting until the day of, start changing your morning and night routing a week or two before classes start. This will give kids a chance to gradually adjust their sleeping schedule, allowing them to get better rest that first week of school.

Plan Lunches and Snacks

Save money on school lunches and help your kids make healthy choices by planning meals and snacks in advance. Help your kids prepare and pack their lunches for the week, and keep a special location in the fridge and pantry for healthy after school snacks.

Stay Organized

Help your kids stay organized throughout the year by create a special homework zone. Store backpacks, school supplies, or even snacks here, so kids will always have what they need to get their work done at home.

Talk to Your Kids

Before the school year starts, have a discussion with your kids about what they’re expecting. Talk about bullying and how to handle it should it occur. Encourage your kids to be open about their interests, questions, and concerns throughout the year so they’ll always feel confident and safe.