Fewer People Traveling for Thanksgiving

Traveling for thanksgiving

AAA reports that fewer people are traveling for Thanksgiving this year, compared to last year.

In 2012, 44 million Americans headed out for family visits and reunions. This year, it’s predicted that 43.4 million American will be heading somewhere for the Thanksgiving meal.

Both highways and airways will see drops in travel. While roads will see about a 2 percent decrease in travel, airlines can expect to see a decline of about 4 percent from last year.

What may be most interesting about this study is the fact that those who do go somewhere will be on the road a lot longer. Last year, people traveled an average of 588 miles to their destination and back. 2013 will see that number rise to 601.

While these numbers are down, those of you who do get into your car will enjoy less crowded highways and low gas prices. Slipping below $3 in different areas of the country, families can expect to fill up their cars and trucks with gas hasn’t been so low since 3 years ago.

Nehls Chevrolet wishes you all a safe, fun Thanksgiving with your family, friends and the people that matter most.